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The Ruby Mattress

The Ruby Mattress

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The Ruby Mattress – Ideal for those who overheat while sleeping.
The Ruby offers both extreme comfort and support.

Visco Elastic Memory Foam, beautifully laid between two separate layers of GelFlex® and then bonded to a high density Reflex Foam base, wrapped in a cover with a red velvety border, it offers a beautiful looking mattress with a surface that moulds to your body providing great body support without the heat, a little bounce to help you move, and a fantastic feel. With therapeutic properties, you’ll feel well relaxed and vivified after a night’s sleep.

A high-density responsive foam that provides support and firmness. Reflex foam can offer a firmer feel and provide good spinal alignment.


GelFlex is more durable than Memory Foam and typically has a longer life. The GelFlex foam mattress slowly adapts to your body shape and contours your every curve for a memorable pressure free sleep experience every night. GelFlex has a much quicker rebound rate allowing the body indentation created on your mattress bounces back faster. GelFlex does not get as hot as Memory Foam and sleeps considerably cooler and will mould to your body’s comfort with the reliance of body heat.

Our memory foam has amazing pressure relieving features that distributes your body weight on the mattress without stressing the foam at certain points. Moulded by your body temperature the foam will adjust according to your body heat making you feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout the night. The pressure points of your body, like hips, shoulder, or thighs, cannot pressure the memory foam providing you an equal surface to relax.

A temperature sensitive mattress can help to keep you at the perfect temperature throughout the night. This means that you can go to bed without worrying about waking up in the night because you’re too hot or too cold.


Our mattress’s ability to stabilise a resting body and evenly distribute weight is the most essential factor that allows the spine to maintain its natural alignment and is imperative to complete sleep cycles.


Designed to prevent allergic reactions. Tightly sealed to prevent dead skin cells, bacterial growth and body oils from entering the material, in turn in this prevents dust mites from settling into the mattress. Dust mites and other microscopic organisms can cause allergic reactions, so we made our mattress Hypo Allergenic to prevent aggravating allergies.


A zipped removable cover so it can be washed and kept fresh. Please note our covers must be dry cleaned for the best results and to avoid damage.


All the properties in our mattress were specifically designed to promote a healthier sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for our bodies to recover and get the best sleep possible. Sleep well and start the day fresh with more energy for a productive and happier day all round.



150mm Reflex Foam Base | 25mm GelFlex® | 50mm Memory Foam | 25mm GelFlex® | Cool Sleep Surface | Motion Absorption | Hypoallergenic | Zipped Cover








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