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2000 SB Cool Memory Pocket Sprung Mattress

2000 SB Cool Memory Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Cool Memory Pocket stands out as it is engineered using the latest technology to encapsulate pocket spring units into CoolBlue Memory Foam.
The entire mattress is then wrapped in a plush zipped Aloe Vera cover. You will not only benefit from great support and comfort, but also from temperature sensitive properties giving you a great sleeping experience and feeling vitalised after every sleep.

Our 4 side edge support provides less sagging and falling towards the edge providing a stable support to sit on the side of the bed, which is important for those with hip or joint pain or have a hard time getting up from a low position.
Those who have slept on a mattress with 4 side edge support generally feel that they are more supported and a higher level of comfort is achieved during the nights.
Our Aloe Vera Cover has been specifically designed to promote natural healing, health, beauty and rejuvenation, soothing Aloe Vera is infused into the fabric of the soft cover for the ultimate sleeping experience.
Our mattress’s ability to stabilise a resting body and evenly distribute weight is the most essential factor that allows the spine to maintain its natural alignment and is imperative to complete sleep cycles.
Our cool blue foam layer is less heat absorbent when compared to memory foam allowing for a cooler sleeping experience
Our Aloe Vera Cover has cooling properties to disperse heat much quicker than the average mattress covers of today. Coupled with the cool blue foam our mattress offers a much cooler and relaxing night.
Our Deep Quilted Cover provides a soothing and softer surface for ultimate comfort.
Designed to prevent allergic reactions. Tightly sealed to prevent dead skin cells, bacterial growth and body oils from entering the material, in turn this prevents dust mites from settling into the mattress. Dust mites and other microscopic organisms can cause allergic reactions, so we made our mattress Hypo Allergenic to prevent aggravating allergies.
A pocket sprung mattress contains individual springs, each spring is sewn into its own pocket of fabric. This means the springs in a pocket sprung mattress work completely independently of one another and can provide your body with greater pressure reducing support.
A high-density responsive foam that provides support and firmness. Reflex foam can offer a firmer feel and provide good spinal alignment.
Side handles to make handling and manoeuvring your mattress an easier task.
A zipped removable cover so it can be dry cleaned.
All the properties in our mattress were specifically designed to promote a healthier sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for our bodies to recover and get the best sleep possible. Sleep well and start the day fresh with more energy for a more productive and happier day all round.

50mm CoolBlue Memory Foam | Foam Encapsulated Pocket Spring Unit Temperature Sensitive | Hypoallergenic | Zipped cover | 2000 Pocket Count
3ft Single
4ft 4ft
4ft6 Double
5ft King Size
6ft Super King Size
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